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Johannes Hirschmann


To contact Johannes Hirschmann for more information, bookings, or press enquiries email:




The following playlist contains a selection of my music.

The album “For M. in Canada” can be streamed here in full length.


Johannes Hirschmann is a classically trained pianist who began playing the piano when he was six years old and then studied the instrument for 12 years. Although he focused on classical music, he was soon fascinated by modern piano improvisation and demonstrated a unique contemporary style that fascinated his audience from the start.

Johannes recorded his debut EP “songs for jane” in 2007 at age 20 – initially intended as a private birthday present for a close friend. After unanimous acclaim from people who listened to it, he decided to make the recording available to the public.

Three years later, Johannes released the EP’s successor “For M. in Canada”, another collection of improvised solo piano pieces. Between 2013 and 2016, focusing on other projects, Johannes took a hiatus from his piano work. He has announced to return in 2018 with new material.

Fan Statements

Your music is beautiful. Haunting at times, full of quiet energy at other times, sweet, yet full of depth. Your playing is so textured, expressive and soulful. You deserve every success that lies ahead of you.

Johannes, wonderful! I really enjoyed it. Soft, deep melody lines. Pleasant and sophisticated harmony, yet with erudite foundations and at the same time sounding modern.

Amazing touch, very lyrical, I enjoyed it a lot. I like your style – it isn’t just typical piano music, the songs have a nice weight to them.

I was amazed! It’s… so magnificent. My associations are such as if something innocent, soft, touching, wow…! I haven’t really heard anyting like that before. It’s new and different.


Download high resolution image here.

01 For M. in Canada, part 1
02 Light Rain on a Hot Summer Day
03 When It’s Said and Done
04 Walking April Fields with You
05 Today & Tomorrow
06 Sitting at an Open Window
07 Watching the Beautiful Walk By

Download high resolution image here.

01 For You
02 Sad Summer Morning
03 Last Year’s Vacation
04 Again and Again
05 End Of The Day


To contact Johannes Hirschmann for more information, bookings, or press enquiries email:

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