Piano Artists of the World

Edition #1

Featuring Simeon Walker, Garreth Broke, Cinthya Garcia, and Muriël Bostdorp.
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Piano Artists of the World

Edition #1

Featuring Simeon Walker, Garreth Broke, Cinthya Garcia, and Muriël Bostdorp.
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Simeon Walker — Shelter

“‘Shelter’ is the retreat to somewhere safe and familiar; the contrast between feelings of discomfort and disruption, and finding peace and safety in something or someone. Not that uncertainty disappears or that periods of difficulty, hardship or pain can be blithely healed with a piece of music; better perhaps that they are suspended, for a moment. The piano has been my shelter for most of my life, however sometimes sheltering itself can be painful, and there have been moments when I’ve not played enough to make me feel happy. I’m now getting the opportunity to share my music with a wider audience, and it’s a wonderful place to be. In the last few years, I’ve encountered so many musicians and pianists from around the world, making similar music to me. The increased access and connectivity whilst engaging with new, like-minded people via social media has been a truly wonderful experience. As a British person, it’s even more pertinent at the moment, as I fear that the image we are portraying of ourselves is one of wanting separation and isolation from the European community. This is the exact opposite of what I would like us to be doing, and I’m grateful that I can continue to engage with my European friends and people around the world through music and celebrate the things that bring us closer together, rather than draw us further apart.”

Simeon Walker is from Great Britain.

About this playlist & blog

To me, one of the most fascinating aspects in times of music streaming and social media is how easy it is to discover and get in touch with artists from all over the world. Piano Artist of the World is a playlist that features piano artists from various countries around the world. Each edition is accompanied by a blog post where the artists tell the story behind their piece included in the playlist.

The objective

The objective of this playlist is to unite piano artists from around the world while at the same time portraying the uniqueness in their music that comes from their individual background. Furthermore, since this is something I really miss in the contemporary classical scene, it gives piano artists a platform to tell about their music.

Johannes Hirschmann, Pianist & Composer, Curator of Piano Artists of the World.

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Garreth Broke — Hope

“‘Hope’ is one of the most unambiguously positive things I’ve composed and a favourite of mine to perform – it always lifts the room, which is very necessary after you’ve just played a set of melancholy music. It came from a deep need to create something joyful. A lot of my music is quite sad in tone: my whole first album Coping Mechanism was heavily shaped by the loss of my mother to suicide. The next two EPs I released – September and December – were also fairly bleak because the seasons they represented are about death and despair. By the time I got to the March EP, I felt an almost physical need to write something positive, something uplifting because, despite all that’s happened, I’m an optimist. My March EP came out in Spring and was all about awakening, rejuvenation, and Hope was the perfect final track. Some people will find this naive and idealistic but I am unapologetic in my belief in the power of hope, even when – as is happening at the moment – the world appears to be turning to shit. What else can we do? We have to work to make it better. How can you do that without hope?”

Garreth Broke is from Great Britain and lives in Germany.

Muriël Bostdorp — For Willem

“‘For Willem’ is written for my partner, best friend and lover. I wanted to compose something that reflects our affection and my outstanding love for him. The composition contains several aspects of my relation with Willem. For instance there’s the excitement I feel when I think of him, but also insecurity and fear play a part.”

Muriël Bostdorp ist from the Netherlands.

Cinthya Garcia — Questions

” ‘Questions’ is the first track of ‘The Journey’, vol.1. Every song of this album captures a moment, a stop on the way; a way of learning, love, dreams and obstacles, rediscovering the importance of small details… those are some of the things I have reflected on in music as a result of a real journey moving twice from a country, finally to reach the essence of who I am and let out what my inner self has to say. Questions is the moment when you take a breath before setting your objective, when you still have nothing clear, when you are sitting next to your fears, contemplating if this is the appropriate time, when you look at yourself from the ‘outside’… when you are in peace with yourself and unintentionally, you move.”

Cinthya Garcia is from Spain and lives in the United States.

Edition #1

Listen to this Edition now

Featuring Simeon Walker, Garreth Broke, Cinthya Garcia, and Muriël Bostdorp.



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