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Contemplative Classical Playlist

Since this morning my music is featured on the Contemplative Classical Spotify playlist. This playlist contains a beautiful collection of old and new classical music and is curated by Michael Price, award-winning composer of the score for the critically acclaimed BBC...

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Sheet Music Now Available

Many of you asked me for sheet music of my songs - here you go! I sat down and meticulously transcribed what I had played on the recordings (because I had improvised all of them, I originally didn't have anything written down). This is the first in a series of songs...

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My New Website

I'm proud to announce that my new website is now online! On you find a completely new design, information on my past albums, updates on any future releases, and most importantly, all options to stream or download my music in one...

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Social media interaction

Hey everyone, here’s some info about a small action that could go a long way:

When a local band or artist you follow on Facebook has a post that shows up in your news feed, click the ‘like’ button. At the very least. And if you really like it, feel free to interact with it in other ways.

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